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Macedonia is a country with its own distinctive quality of living and life style that understands enjoyment of small, but very important things that make life. When famous painters visiting Macedonia were asked what is so special that made them so delighted about this country, they said: “The Sun shines so beautifully different here.”

This is probably the reason why this Sun, when poured into your wineglass, tastes so beautifully different and unique. And it is also the reason why we, at Ezimit vino, decided to give the rest of the World an opportunity to feel a small portion of our Sun and tradition captured in a wine bottle. Ezimit vino is part of Macedonian story of wine, respecting the many century old tradition of wine making.

The legend of these miraculously potent wines has been alive in this land since time immemorial. Wines with the aroma of the south and the taste of song and laughter. It is from here that these wines begin their navigation through the world’s wine chart. And this earth and sun, this sky and vine will always remain here to keep their secret ...


Bezoek ons nu op de langste Braderie van Zeeland te Heikenszand op 8 juli 2017. U bent van harte welkom.

Informeer naar de mogelijkheden om voor uw bedrijf, vereniging, vrienden een leuke wijnproeverij te organiseren. De ideale mogelijkheid om in aanraking te komen met onze producten!  

Bent u tevens geintereseerd in een wijnreis, neem dan contact met ons op.